Our talented team of artists are the heart and soul of Electric Cobra. Each one is a legend in their own right, ready to transform your ideas into unforgettable body art. Check out our artist profiles and find the perfect match to bring your tattoo dreams to life.


Bismark Pinera, the ink maestro, weaves stories on flesh with an eclectic fusion of styles. His tattoos are a mesmerizing blend of tradition and innovation, making every piece a timeless work of art.

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With a keen eye for intricate details, Eli Bernal’s tattoo artistry is a canvas of precision and passion. Each piece is a journey into the world of realism, where art meets skin.

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Phil Rolli’s tattoo mastery transcends boundaries, crafting inked masterpieces that reflect a fusion of classic and contemporary. His work is a testament to the enduring allure of the tattoo art form.

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Andy Davis, the “Pink Manther,” thrives in the world of vibrant color and whimsical imagination. His tattoos are a playground of creativity, where every design bursts to life with a touch of surreal brilliance.

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Jessi Hildebrandt’s tattoos are a celebration of self-expression and empowerment. Their designs resonate with authenticity and individuality, ensuring each tattoo is a personal statement of strength and beauty.

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Roberto Sanchez, known as “Cougartooth,” transforms bodies into living canvases with his bold and captivating tattoos. His work embodies the fearless spirit of self-discovery and bold artistic expression.

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As the rising star of our tattoo family, Ash is on an inspiring journey of growth and learning. With boundless enthusiasm and a hunger for artistry, she’s the promising apprentice who’s on her way to becoming a future tattoo sensation.

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